Based in Ankara, Yertaş was founded in 1975 to provide services in the field of mining. Since 1976, it has been active in the areas of construction and contracting.

Yertaş is a construction company that has proven its expertise especially on construction of tunnels and all kinds of underground constructions. Utilizing the underground construction technology it has invested in since 1975, Yertaş has made use of it in various major projects that have been established to be pivotal in the Turkish economy. By doing so, Yertaş, has built on its knowledge and expertise in the field; it has a proven track record of delivering before established deadlines and being effective in doing so, even when the hardest and most critical projects within the sphere of national economy are considered. In order to extend its success to the future, Yertaş has always worked with the cutting edge technology, equipment, and machinery available in the field and has established itself as a brand name within the field in Turkey with the extensiveness of its construction vehicle capacity. Yertaş has been on the forefront of the sector with its quality driven approach and hundreds of employees it has trained in the field as a bastion of robust and competent human resources.

Our company constructs all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure works such as Dams and Ponds, Water Tunnels, Highway Tunnels, Subway Tunnels, Tunnel and Bore Constructions for Mining Projects, Ground and Underground Mining, Road Constructions, Holiday Resorts and Hotels, Irrigation Systems, Sewer Systems, Water Purification Facilities. 

Today, Yertaş, is no less than rightfully proud to have a record of 18.000.000 m3 of underground excavation, be it in or outside of Turkey, and the production of 6.500.000 m3 of cement. Yertaş uses its knowledge and expertise in the field to serve its clients in the phases of project compilation and production with the utmost aim of yielding the most cost-effective solutions as it is in the epicenter of engineering at Yertaş to produce a cost-effective and efficient output.

Yertas have completed over 50 major projects to this date and constructed over 125 kilometers of tunnels and hundreds of kilometers of road including completion of numerous pivotal projects such as ready-to-go hydroelectric power plants, highways, the longest energy tunnels in Turkey, underground mining sites, subway projects, and gigantic drinking water transfer lines, wishes and aims to extend the high-quality standards it has adopted in accord with its business principles to the years to come.

Yertas has hundreds of machinery in his inventory ready to use:




    Jumbo Drills 30+
    Wet-Mix Shotcrete Spray Robots 20+
    Underground Loaders 5+
    Wheel Loaders 25+
    Dozers 10+
    Excavators 21+
    Rock Trucks 30+
    Backhoe Loaders 15+
    Crawler Loaders 15+
    Rock Drills 4
    Crane Trucks 2
    Low Bed Tractors 5+
    Mobile Cranes 5
    Transmixers 30+
    Umbrella Arch Pipe Montage Systems 5+
    Concrete Pumps 5+
    Concrete Plants 10+
    Asphalt Plants 2
    Rollers 10+
    Crushing Plants 5+
    Compressors 10+
    Generators 15+
    Telehandlers 15+
    Dry Shotcrete Machines 40+
    Measuring Equipments 20+
    Tunnel Fans 30+
    Containers 50+

Address: Güvenevler Mh. Güneş Sk. 4/1-2, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey, 06690

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